2012 Dafouris Terra

Brand, 3-D Model, and Advertising for a Camper Van

My goal for the project was to design and model a car in 3-D, brand it, and create an advertising campaign for it. This would include a logo and wordmark with a custom typeface that can be used throughout the campaign. I planned to make print advertisements as well as a website.

The car I selected as the basis for this project was a camper van. The VW camper van has been unavailable in the United States for about eight years. There is little available in the niche market to replace the ­void the VW camper van left. My vehicle would be a competitor to VW if their camper van was still available in the United States.

I developed a list of goals for the company including being eco friendly with minimal impact on the environment and remaining affordable by minimizing unnecessary gadgets and equipment. The target market of the camper van model is outdoor oriented people and travel enthusiasts in the 25-60 year old age range.

Outside --> Translated into Latin --> Deforis --> Modified Spelling --> Dafouris

Earth --> Translated into Latin --> Terra

Overview Video

"Smolder" by Monokle & Galun (http://12rec.bandcamp.com/album/in-frame)




Car Design

Rendering and Compositing



Business Cards


Show Display

I was fortunate enough to find the half circle table for a reasonable price at a used business furniture store. I then designed the display in Modo. I used the plans I developed to construct the display out of 2 by 4's and galvanized steel siding. The logo was printed in 3-D on a rapid prototyping machine and then painted. The wordmark was cut out of wood on a laser cutting machine.

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My name is Colin Schye. I am a designer and photographer that recently graduated from the School of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. I graduated from the Multimedia Design program with a minor in Applied Photography. I am currently working as a Designer at Morsekode in Minneapolis.

As an artist in today’s society, I use my surroundings paired with my eye for detail to create art in many different ways. From drawing to technologically based art, my passions exceed far beyond the scope of normality. Relying solely on one type of medium does not satisfy my craving for originality and creativity. Gaining inspiration from different environments and people and the feelings they evoke is what gives my work a unique feel. My style is constantly changing as I experience different aspects of life and thus my artwork is always adapting to reflect these changes.

My work efficiently combines the usability and functionality of design with the beauty and marvel of art. I strive to create pieces that are clean and simple, yet appealing and memorable. By doing so, I leave my audience with a lasting impression that encompasses not only my passion but also my values in life. Working with different mediums, I am able to design truly unique pieces. My designs have evolved through exploration and instruction. They will continue evolving so long as I am determined to see past the initial, and most obvious, view of the world.